Super Deluxe Self Inflating Mat

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  • R-Value: 6.4
  • Thickness: 8.8cm
  • Length: 198cm

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Ideal for extended trips and luxury camping. New high flow reversible one way valve, velcro side strips to join 2 mats, antifungal CFC free foam, soft stretchy Poly/cotton Microstretch top and non-slip base and repair kit included.


  • Comfortable
  • Self Inflating
  • Velcro Side Strips to join 2 Mats
  • Repair Kit Included
  • Waterproof Pumpsack
  • Non Slip Base
  • R-Value6.4
  • Thickness8.8cm
  • Length198cm
  • Width66cm
  • Weight2.6kg
  • Packed Size70 x 18 cm
  • Top FabricStretch Fabric Upper
  • Base FabricNon Slip Base


Mats Technology

Self Inflating

Open the valve, unroll your mat and it will inflate by itself as the open cell foam inside expands.

Velcro Side Strips to join 2 Mats

Join any two Deluxe series mats together using the velcro strips along the side of the mat.

Repair Kit Included

Packed in a small pocket in the carry sack of your mat you will find an emergency repair kit for your mat

Waterproof Pumpsack

The carry sack for your mat is also a pumpsack that can be used to add extra air to your mat.

Non Slip Base

Stops your mat sliding around on your tent floor.