Ultra Light 3/4 Length Self Inflating Mat

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  • R-Value: 3.1
  • Thickness: 3.8cm
  • Length: 122cm

Need help finding the right Mats?

Seriously light mats for adventures where every gram counts, these tapered rectangular mats are constructed of antifungal, CFC free foam, Circular Die-Cut to maximise comfort and thermal efficiency. The foam is bonded to a Ripstop upper and non-slip base for durability. 


  • Lightweight
  • Self Inflating
  • Repair Kit Included
  • Lightweight Carry Sack
  • R-Value3.1
  • Thickness3.8cm
  • Length122cm
  • Width51cm at widest point
  • Weight0.4kg
  • Packed Size26 x 14 cm
  • Top FabricLightweight ripstop upper
  • Base FabricNon Slip Base

Mats Technology

Self Inflating

Open the valve, unroll your mat and it will inflate by itself as the open cell foam inside expands.

Repair Kit Included

Packed in a small pocket in the carry sack of your mat you will find an emergency repair kit for your mat

Lightweight Carry Sack

Keeps your mat rolled up and protected whilst in your pack or luggage.